When the world sang with the whales.

In 1967, American biologist Dr. Roger Payne discovered that whales could sing. And recorded those singing underwater. Amazed by his discovery, he turned those sounds into an album, which is still the top-seller album of natural history recordings ever. But that was only the beginning. After that, the “Save the Whales” foundations spread worldwide, creating the […]

Automated Pleisure – Live Virtual Reality experience

Have you seen the creative process within a Virtual Reality experience? The sensational graphic artist Miguelangelo Rosario held this week a presentation inside the AWE in Munich, showing a lot how we can shape a different world in another dimension. Miguelangelo Rosario is the genius behind Cyberdelics. The whole visual experience is his, all the music […]

Automated Pleisure – Realidade Virtual ao vivo

Você já viu o processo de criação dentro de uma experiência de Realidade Virtual? O sensacional artista plástico Miguelangelo Rosário realizou esta semana uma apresentação dentro da AWE em Munique, mostrando muito como podemos moldar um mundo diferente em outra dimensão. Miguelangelo Rosário é o gênio por trás do Cyberdelics. Toda a experiência visual é […]