Love – New Adriano Roveri Remixes

And here are two new remixes for my songs.

The remixer of the hour is Adriano Roveri, DJ and mega producer.

If you want to hear some of his productions, you have HERE

Well, this time he created a House version and another Chill for Love, one of the songs from my album Commute.

Here are the two versions.

Here’s what he told me about the process of creating the two remixes:

The “Chill” version was supposed to be the “House” version.

When I heard the original version, and then only the Acapella, made me want to do something Housey with 90’s timbres … the vocal reminded me of some things of that time.

Even though I did not use a lot of ready loops, I started to test some at least have a starting point … and then it fell into a drum loop that I liked, but that there was nothing of House, and on top of it I came in head the rest to make the Lounge version.

The House version I already started with the timbres of the synth … one of them reminded me of some Houses of 94, 95, and I used another background that reminded me of the Nomad – I wanna give you devotion.

I used snares in the counter-timing, which is quite the face of that Garage House of the early 90’s.

I thought it was cool to do that as well, due to several things being released today that have this 90s face, like the MK – 17, which was already known at the time by Always.

Here’s the Nomad reference – I wanna give you devotion, in case you don’t remember:

And here’s the original song:

Enjoyed it?

Here in my Spotify profile, there are lot more remixes and new songs.

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